Long distance moves

Lond Distance Moving

Lond Distance Moving

If one is moving from one state to the next or if the distance is more than 100 miles, the move is termed as a long – distance move. Long distance moves can be stressful as one would not be aware of many things in the other state. At this juncture, moving companies specializing in long distance moves can be of great help. One point which the customer would do well to remember is that long distance movers are required to be registered with the United States Department of Transportation in order to execute interstate moves. This makes customer checks easier as one can go through the DOT website to find if they are registered members.

The company must also have all the necessary licenses in all of the states they drive in the course of the entire trip. The drivers they employ must be skilled people holding a valid driving license and must be responsible people. However it is the duty of the moving company to cross check and ascertain the skill of the drivers they employ. When one is seeking for long distance transportation services, one must be aware of his rights and responsibilities. To this effect, the long distance moving company is required to supply the customer with a copy of ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move’. This is a federally-mandated booklet and it makes a person aware of all that is expected of him and from the company.

Relocation and moving companies have websites which offer long distance transportation service. Some of them are true to their word and keep their website updated frequently regarding the long distance service providers they employ. One must read customer reviews to such sites in order to glean an idea about the nature of services provided by the company.

Long distance moves can be very expensive and hence one must think of ways to minimize the cost. The charges in long distance moves are according to the weight of the goods transported. This weight includes weight of the item, weight of the packing material used and the weight of the container in which it is packed. Packing all things on one’s own is stressful and hiring people to do it all is heavy on the pocket. There is a via media available. One hires a container or storage compartment and loads it himself and the moving company ships the container to the required destination. This option is more often than not less expensive than hiring a full service mover. Most of all, it is an economical way when compared with renting a truck and managing the move all alone.

There are two companies that allow this kind of service. The first is U-pack. They have 85 years of experience under their belt and have excellent customer reviews on epinions.com. They offer several options for packing and moving, and do not charge for unused storage space. The second company is Pods. This business offers related services as U-pack. However, this company is not available in many cities like U-pack.


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