Moving in the US – Travel Light, Pack Right

Moving in the US

Moving in the US

Moving to a new house or a new state involves packing of all the articles in the house. Right from the wall hanging to the doormat or carpet spread out on the floor. Before one begins to pack, there is the quintessential work of discarding old things or things we may not be using in the future at all. ‘Off with the old and on with the new’ is the maxim to live by. Hence one would do well to throw away all things that one hasn’t used in the past year. If one was a hoarder of and just likes to accumulate things, take a serious look at all the clothes, appliances and the many things lying around in the house which you have not used in the past one year and then purposefully will yourself to do away with the old things.

One may even conduct a white elephant sale and find the money to come in handy with the many expenses involved in relocating from one place to the other. If one decided to be generous, he or she could donate the proceeds of the sale to the nearest orphanage or some social service organization which would be happy to receive the donation. Or one could simply give things away to people who may need the things you don’t.

Another important point to remember before relocation would be to pack all things right. It would require that one sorts out things belonging to the different rooms first. Once the objects are placed in the right room, group the required things together. For example, if one was to pack the contents of the living room, the sofa, cushions, knick knacks, lamps, throws and other things would have to be packed together. As all these things would have to be set up together in the same place, it would be advisable to pack as many of these as possible in the same box.

If one was not hiring people to pack, but was doing the job themselves, one would have to take stock of the articles around the house and then decide how many boxes he would require. He would also have to consider what king of packing material to use for the different things around the house. As glass, crystal or china ware cannot be packed in ordinary crates or cardboard boxes without special protection, one would have to buy the necessary material to do this.

One also has to give himself time to do all the packing if done without hired help. Packing is stressful, and when one tries to do it all on his own, in a very short span of time, it almost drives one nuts. The best way to prevent the situation from escalating would be to start packing in advance and in small portions which can be easily handled. One can begin with the attic or loft space and slowly work through the rest of the house so that it becomes easy to handle.


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