Container Moving:Have You Seen My Pod?


Container Moving:Have You Seen My Pod?

No doubt, if you’ve traveled along any residential road, you’ve probably seen a huge metal white box or two, standing outside a home and wondered, what is that?

It may look like a huge garbage dumpster, but it’s not. It’s a “POD.”

People are choosing a new way to move which allows them both the convenience and time to move, with storage containers called pods.

Pods were designed for the consumer who prefers to pack up, bit by bit, rather than all at once. Movers who aren’t in a hurry and don’t mind packing their belongings themselves, are spared a lot of the problems inherent in a moving company move.

The first is the abundance of time. Those who hate the stress of that one day spectacle and the sleepless night before can relax. Pods are delivered to movers at their homes, much like dumpsters and there’s no time limit on their use.

One is, in fact, renting the cubicle, so there are no time constrictions, just one’s own pocketbook. Psychologists have discovered that one of the most severe stressors for individuals and families is moving. Only the death of a loved one is considered more stressful according to many studies done from the 1960’s onward, with only the death of a loved one considered to be more stressful.

Second, it’s far less expensive to do it yourself. Owing to the fact that no moving company is used, these pods are easier on the budget, too. About half what a regular move costs, as they’re shipped as freight. They’re far less expensive then the typical u-haul move, too. With gas prices on the rise, it’s a thrifty alternative to get your things where they’re going without you having to drive them.

These are the biggest two advantages to using pods, but there are others.

Pods are extremely durable, made of high grade plastics and you can pack them any way you’d like. Let’s face it. Moving companies will not be as concerned with Aunt Martha’s table or your collection of antique lamps, as you are.

Pods are secure, too, in terms of access to your things.

There are many, many tales of people completely losing all their belongings either by outright pilferage, or excessive damage caused by the movers. If you’ve hired a less than professional mover, they may not take everything, but they’ll be clever enough to take whatever is the most valuable, just because they have complete access. You won’t have that access either, remember, throughout the move. Like any other rental, a pod has only one key and it’s in your pocket.

There’s little risk of injury, as well. Pods were specifically designed to be filled at ground level, so there are fewer hazards when filling them.

With a regular mover, everything will be done the day it arrives and there’s usually a haphazard mess to unpack and through and for weeks.

Again, the pod can remain as long as you like and you can unload at your leisure, box by box, room by room.

The pod has been around since 1998 and as far as this writer knows, few pods are lost or stolen and the contents within, are touched only by the pod renter. It’s no wonder we’re seeing more pods and container moving has become so popular.


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