How to Protect Yourself when Moving to a New Home

How to Protect Yourself when Moving to a New Home

When the time comes in your life that you move out, you want to insure your life will not be worse off at your new place than it was where you came from. To this end, moving insurance plays a big part in keeping your quality of life at the same level or at least to assure you it will not leave you without your treasures.

Everyone strives to add to their belongings. Whether it is a new dress, that new techie toy, that new sofa that brightens up the room, they all amount to items of value. These items are what you want to protect since they bring a lot of good to your life that you might take for granted if you do not insure them. Yes, the best way to protect your treasures make it to your new place is to insure them before the move. Hundreds of thousands of items find their way to eBay and Craig’s list after they go missing from someone’s belongings after a move, sometimes even during the move.

Today you are spoilt for choice with many types of insurance for moving. You can insure your bed, your sofa, your big screen TV; you can even insure your pet! But some things worth considering when you insure your move, is the type of insurance you are getting. Does it protect you from theft? Does it protect you from loss? Does it protect you from acts of God? Most insurance policies of this nature work hand-in-hand with professional movers but there are comprehensive policies for private or small movers, even for a personal move. No matter the choice, your insurance matters in the simplest sense that all of your valuables must arrive at the destination in the same condition. That is for your peace of mind.

Say you are an architect living in mid-America looking to move to the big city; your outlook is hopeful and can your success be far behind? You take with you your treasured laptop from which you hammered out those proposals that netted you your move. The drawing table you stoop over every night feverishly finishing the latest blueprint. The only stool that you found comfy enough to sit in for hours when you penciled in those winning drafts.

All your other personal effects come too. Then you get to your new apartment and marvel at the view, pay the deposits and start unpacking only to find you got someone else’s boxes. Or that your favorite stool suddenly developed a broken leg. Or your bedsprings gave out? Or a million other things that suddenly bring your mood or career’s momentum to a dead halt. Then you realize you have a signed and sealed insurance policy to return your life to the quality it was at right before your life fell apart.

You breathe a sigh of relief and now have a next step to claim from.

Or would you be the type to not protect yourself?

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