Relocation process

Relocation process


Moving across state is certainly difficult. Long distance move may take you out of city or even to some other state. This may upset you very quickly. Moving from city in which you live makes you panic. There are few key points that help you in efficient long-distance move. They are

1. Keep your utilities. It is important to search for your new services like gas, electricity, water, phone and sewage. You can do it as the first step for move. You need one to three weeks to get all new services in your name. You must keep it in mind. You can also think of some monetary deposit in the new state. This will enhance the credibility with your new utility providers. You put your service in your name only after you start living in your new house. There are chances of clash between you and new owners. So it is always good to make sure that you are responsible only for the services that your family uses. Many people forgot to ask their service provider to cancel their service. This will lead to extra bill payment. You can keep utilities in your name until closing date. If new owners take ownership before that, you may cancel it before you leave.

2. Inform your cable and internet providers. Internet is an unavoidable part of our life. So it is necessary to install one in new house. Most of the cable providers ask for your presence when they install the modem. Same with cable service too. This is to ensure that you are satisfied with its working. You can also ensure that you get all the services that you ask for. So ask for appointment in prior.

Give similar attention in disconnecting the service. Service provider need not come for disconnection. Still ensure that you are settled all bills before you leave the place. This will help you to avoid any extra payment.

3. Cancel Phone. Try for new telephone connection 3 weeks ahead. We must give enough time for our providers to disconnect our telephone line. They may also need time to connect the same line to your new location if possible. Remember to inform your telephone department the exact date in which you want to start the service. This will allow them to put the service in your name in that date. Phone is very essential in the new locality. So it is good to have a spare phone with you. Once you reach the new house you can immediately ask your phone service provider to check the connection. Most of the phone providers ask for deposit. So be prepared for some extra amount.

When you disconnect your old phone you can follow the same method. Giving a two to three weeks notice will help the service providers that you are relocating. This will avoid unnecessary phone bill. Inform your provider the possibility of using same connection if possible. It is not possible always. Inform your old neighbors and friends about your phone number change in that case.

These are some common precaution that will help you in tension free relocation.

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