Six Weeks to Your New Home

Six Weeks to Your New Home

Moving Tips to Assist You in Effective Transferring of Things to Your New Home

Having to move in a new house can be so much stressful. It is better to make your moving as enjoyable as it can be. You can achieve it by having the move planned ahead.


Six Weeks

Six week would give you enough time to do some research on the area you are about to move. Features like its accessibility to other establishments would be necessary to provide your needs when you urgently need them. You also hire a surveyor to do the job if you do not have any available time to have it done. Check the overall structure of your new house so that you can plan ahead as to where your thing would be placed once delivered. It is also the best time to have your things checked for some excess that you might find worthy for some charities or can give you additional income or extra cash by having it sold in a garage sale.

Five Weeks

Pack those things which you presumed your can live (for the nest few weeks) without. Have it labeled indicating the contents and destination in the house. Make sure to fix your transport on the moving date, checking on the movers’ confirmation that they are prepared for the date. If you are to use your own transport, ensure that your car or vehicle is finely tuned up for the transport.

Four Weeks

Make sure also that you already have booked a moving company to provide you the service. It is not recommendable to have a rush booking because you either have no available movers to serve you or you may have one but at higher cost. Take also into consideration the place of the delivery, would the truck fit in the vicinity?


Three Weeks

Have time to shop for the packaging materials. Some movers may provide these materials such as bubble packs, boxes and others, but it is quite manageable to have it ensure ahead of time to avoid unnecessary delays in packing your things. Transfer necessary subscription such as internet, phones, and television cable services. Also your medical prescriptions, you may want to have it transfer or you can just end up your registration and re-register in the nearby doctors, dentists close to your new home.


Two Weeks

Switching you account on gas and electricity can save you extra money since the size of your house and postcode affects on how much you would pay for gas. Inform all authorities concerning your accounts of your change in address. This includes bank authorities, insurance companies and others.


One Week

For council tax purposes, inform your local council of your move in. Contact your postal office to have your mails forwarded to your new home. Close all utility accounts and pay all outstanding dues related to it. Defrost and empty your fridge. You may just do some outside meals as you wait for the move out date.


The Day Has Come!

Do final readings on your utilities such as gas, electricity and water. Check on the house for the last time and give your goodbyes.

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