Moving Stories case 1103001 : A. Tanner from Wichita

Moving Stories case 1103001

Last summer, my office sent me to train in Kansas City for a year and I had to bring my daughter in tow. Now Wichita is a long way from Kansas City and I couldn’t bear to leave my girl that far away and she felt the same. I didn’t have anyone to leave her with and we are so close I wouldn’t have left her behind if I did. So I claimed my deposit from where I was renting, packed us up in my truck and drove away. It took two days to get there and I realized I’d lost track of some household things and lost them somewhere along the way. Just small things mind you but they held sentimental value; my mom’s brush that she gave to my baby girl, my dad’s pocketwatch that kept time better than any of those digital things people carry around everywhere. Just a few small things.


We got to the big city and eventually found our way around. I got us a nice apartment in a complex a stone’s throw from the freeway that had a pool and a minigolf course. I unloaded everything to realize some fool had been stealing from the truck after every trip to and from the apartment. I lost a lamp, the TV and some shoes. I went to bed that night with my truck’s radio under my pillow.

The next morning I shopped around for a school for my girl. Luckily our new digs wasn’t too far away from the local public school and we did the interviews that day. The next day I dropped my darling off and got to the training center where folks were friendly. Some even offered to put us up but I’d only just met them. One dude in particular was pretty vocal about how I survived the trip without moving insurance. He was surprised I didn’t lose everything on the way over and I told him that made two of us.

I only later found out he and his wife had been victims of what he called a rogue mover, a set of guys that’d been out to fool him by offering a low fee then packing the guy’s stuff into the back of their loading truck, then charging him an arm and a leg to deliver it. Now this one was a whiny little something but he was a good boy at heart and I felt for him. Apparently he had bought something called moving insurance and when the goons left with their truck and his gear he was just so sad until he realized he could get all new stuff from claiming from the insurance. Of course he had to deal with the police and the insurance people but ultimately he got a nice settlement for their lost stuff.

A year later I was done with my training and after my girl said goodbye to her friends we set back in the same truck but this time I hired a mover and got that moving insurance I’d heard about. Maybe I’d be able to claim enough for a new pocketwatch.

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